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Apps for Outlook extend the usefulness of email by adding information or tools that you can use without having to leave Outlook Web App.

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How do I add apps?

What do apps look like?

Outlook Web App comes with three apps that are available and enabled by default, although they may be turned off for your mailbox. If an app is available and enabled, it will automatically be added to messages you receive that meet the criteria to trigger it.

For example, this message that includes a date and time has triggered both the Suggested Appointments app and the Action Items app.

Apps ribbon in message

Selecting Suggested Appointments will open that app, but won’t take you away from the message. As you can see, the app has created a suggestion for an event using the information from the message. To add the event to your calendar, you’d click the Save to Calendar button.

Appointment app

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How do I manage apps?

You can manage the apps that are available to you by clicking the gear icon Settings icon at the top of the Outlook Web App window, then selecting Manage apps.

manage apps for Outlook

That will take you to the Apps section of Outlook Web App options.

manage apps for Outlook

  • Use the settings to add new or remove discard apps, and to refresh refresh the view.

  • The list of apps shows you what apps have been added, where they came from, how they were installed, and if they’re enabled.

  • The information pane includes more information about the selected app. Click Disable to disable an app that you want to turn off. If an app that you do want is available but has been disabled, you would see an Enable link that you could click to enable the app.

  • You can add more apps by clicking the Find more apps on link at the top of the installed apps window. You can also add more apps by clicking new Get more Apps on messages that have an app associated with them.\

How do I add apps?

To add an app, click new above the list of installed apps.

  • You can add an app from, from a URL, or from a file.

  • When you add an app from, a web browser window will open that you can use to search for and download apps.

  • If you want to add an app from a URL or a file, you must first know the URL or the path to the file. If you don’t already have this information, contact your administrator.

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