Insert pictures or clip art in Office 2013

You can add pictures from your computer or search the web, among other options. In your Office program, click or tap the Insert tab. If you have your image on your computer or device, click or tap Pictures. If you want to search the web, click or tap Online Pictures.

Insert menu showing Picture and Online Picture buttons

Pictures on your computer or device

  1. Click Insert > Pictures.

  2. Navigate to the image.

  3. Click to select the file, and then click Insert.

Pictures on the web

You can add pictures and clip art to your documents using the thousands of images found at Bing Image Search.

  1. Click Insert > Online Pictures.

  2. In the Bing Image Search box, enter the type of picture you're looking for, and press Enter.

  3. Navigate to the image.

  4. Click to select the file, and then click Insert.

    Click a picture and click Insert.

    Note: The images you see in the search results are licensed under the Creative Commons license system. To better understand the licensing options, see Filter images by license type. Remember, you're responsible for respecting the rights of others' property, including copyright. If you want more control over what you see in the results, you can go directly to Bing and refine licensing, size, image type, and other filters.

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