Insert an equation

Need to present a scientific formula or math equation on your worksheet? You can use prebuilt equation templates from the Equation Toolbar like this:


Or, you can build your own equation or formula.

  1. Click Insert > Equation and you’ll see an equation box on your worksheet.

    Note:  The equation box isn’t anchored to a cell so you can use the handles to move, rotate or resize it.

    Equation button on the Ribbon

  2. Build your equations by typing numbers inside the equation box and selecting the required symbols from the Equation Tools Design tab.

    If you can’t see the ribbon, click Equation Tools Design, and click the pushpin button.

    Pin the Equation toolbar ribbon

Use a prebuilt equation

If you’d rather use an equation from the available equation templates, click the Equation Tools Design tab, click Equation and click the type of equation you want and edit it by clicking in the equation text box.

prebuild equation templates located under Equation button

To edit an equation, click in the equation box and change the numbers or symbols you want.

The default symbols are mostly used for basic math equations, to see other symbols, click the second down arrow in the Symbols panel, and select another type.

click the arrow to view specific symbols on the equation toolbar

If you want to just format characters in a cell or cell range, use the superscript structures instead.

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