Import Bank File dialog box: options and information

You can use the Import Bank File dialog box to import bank transactions into Microsoft Office Accounting 2009.

Open the dialog box

The Import Bank File dialog box opens automatically when you download bank transactions for an account that you have set up for one-way online banking.

If the Import Bank File dialog box does not open automatically, or if you want to open it after you download transactions, do one of the following:

  • On the Banking menu, click Import Bank Files.

  • On the Banking menu, click Match Transactions, and then click Import Bank Files.

Dialog box options

The dialog box contains the following options.



File name

The .ofx file that you downloaded from your bank.

If you clicked Open in the File Download dialog box when you downloaded bank transactions, or if you clicked Save and saved the file to the My Documents folder, Accounting 2009 automatically enters the file name. If you saved the file to another location, type the location and file name of the .ofx file that you downloaded, or click Browse to locate it.

Note: The imported file cannot contain transactions from more than one account.

Account Number

(Read-only.) Shows the account number of the imported bank file. For security, only the last four digits of the account number are displayed.

Account Type

(Read-only.) Shows the account type of the imported bank file. For example, Credit Card/Line of Credit.

Matching account

Shows the last account selected from the previous import. To select another account, click the Matching account arrow and click an account or click Add a new Financial Account The nominal account type of the selected matching account must be the same as the account type of the imported bank file.


Click Import to import your bank file.

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