Identify the right use cases for your organization

To have a successful Yammer roll out, it’s critical to identify the best use case that can jump start your Yammer network. This involves the next three steps in your plan to roll out Yammer:

  • Step two    Examine the top six use cases that Microsoft has identified.

  • Step three    Gather the right people for success.

  • Step four    Draft your vision statement.

Step two: examine the top six use cases

Here are the six use cases and an explanation of each. Use these as a guide for discussion with your stakeholders and to help you make the right choice.



Internal Communications

Improve the effectiveness of the corporate communications strategy by connecting employees to executives, groups, and feedback.

Internal communications often use newsletters, intranet sites, and e-mail to communicate with employees, but these are primarily one way. By using Yammer, you can have two-way communication not only to amplify communication, but also to get feedback and engagement with employees.

Remote and mobile workers

Identify and resolve problems with the customer experience by giving employees on the front line an efficient way to communicate with headquarters and supporting teams.

Yammer offers a light-weight communication tool that's available on a variety of mobile devices. Front-line employees are often the first to flag problems that headquarters can solve. These employees can easily share their unique knowledge with everyone else.

Human Resources

Reduce cost and initial training cycles for new employees by creating a designated group with the "onboarding" resources they need, while giving them access to subject matter experts across the organization.

Yammer can help quickly “onboard” new employees by dedicating a Yammer group that can: provide all the assets and materials for new employees, be a place to ask questions, help build a sense of belonging, and learn about the entire organization.

Product Innovation Teams

Fosters innovation by connecting employees, ideas, and information without regard for time zones, geographies, or hierarchies.

Yammer is a very powerful tool for sharing information across different locations. For example, engineers in Brazil can brainstorm with engineers in England or Arizona and create rich conversations in Yammer. Just as important, these conversations are preserved in context, which helps new engineers quickly ramp up on a project.


Maximize the effectiveness of a sales team with better account insight, instant access to experts, and enhanced information when on the road.

Sales people can share information about different accounts and competitors. These real-time conversations help make the sales force more effective.


Speed end-user adoption by sharing tips and tricks for new products. Enable self-help, access to peer expertise, and a searchable knowledge base to reduce total time to problem resolution.

You can create a Yammer group for another new product you're rolling out, for example Skype for Business. A Skype for Business group is the place where employees can ask questions about the product and get some self-help. One helpful answer to a question becomes visible to the rest of the organization.

Step three: gather the project team

Like any successful project, you must include the right stakeholders. Make sure you have broad participation from all over the company. Your project goal is to help identify the best use case for your organization. Three key people are vital to your Yammer rollout:

  • You, as the project leader, who understands the overall process and implementation details.

  • A key business leader or decision maker who announces the roll out to the entire organization, and helps get buy-in from everyone. It makes a big difference when they are one of the first to start using Yammer because it promotes engagement and legitimacy.

  • At least one person from the team that participates in the first use case.

A list of stakeholders

Step four: draft a vision statement

Create a crisp vision document to explain your mission to everyone. A unified vision statement helps align everyone in your organization. Avoid making it complicated and lofty. Boil it down to just a few bullets that reflect the use case you choose for wave one. Also, provide common reasons that people roll out Yammer at their organization. Explain the benefits of Yammer and how it will improve the work environment.

A sample vision statement

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