I hear distortion or echoing during a video or computer call

Cause: The signal is weak on your wireless network.

Solution:    Move closer to the wireless access point.

The wireless connection might improve if you are closer to the wireless access point.

Solution:    Find a different wireless access point to use.

The performance of a wireless connection can decline if many wireless devices are connected to an access point. Interference can also come from other devices, such as mobile phones, cordless phones, or a microwave oven. Audio and video quality might improve if you connect to a wireless access point that is less busy or is receiving less interference.

Solution:    Switch to a wired connection.

There is usually less interference on a wired network connection than on a wireless connection.

Cause: Hardware is configured incorrectly.

Solution:    Make sure that the router or modem has the latest firmware available.

For more information, visit the Web site for your router or modem manufacturer. A firmware update might offer network speed improvements.

Solution:    Check your connections.

Check the network cables between your computer and router and between the router and modem. Make sure that they are plugged in and show no signs of damage.

Cause: The network is experiencing heavy traffic.

Solution:    Try the audio or video call when the network is less busy.

Audio and video quality should improve when there is less traffic on the network.

Solution:    Delay or stop other computers from performing heavy downloads or uploads.

If other computers on the network are performing heavy downloads or uploads, this can cause congestion on the network. Audio and video call quality might improve if the uploading or downloading tasks can be delayed until after your call is completed.

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