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You want Yammer to remain a vibrant part of the communication, tools, and culture at your organization. The final step six of your rollout plan is to join the Office 365 network and drive ongoing engagement.

  • We recommend that you join the Office 365 Network, which has over 80,000 members, and is an external Yammer network outside your organization. Here, you will find helpful tips and best practices, based on real-life experience, and provided by a Microsoft customer community. Many of these customers have already taken the journey of rolling out Yammer, they've learned lessons along the way, and they can share those lessons with you.

  • Once you've launched your Yammer network, keep it moving along. Two recommended approaches are to celebrate milestones and follow some proven and recommended tactics to drive ongoing engagement.

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Join the Office 365 Network

Try it!

  1. In the address bar of your browser, enter this link:

  2. To request an invite, click Request an Invitation.

    You should get a confirmation that the request has been sent to the admin of the network. The invitation may take some time to arrive in your inbox.

  3. To return to Office 365, click click here.

  4. To check for the invite, in the app launcher App launcher button , click Mail, and then look for an email from Yammer in your inbox.

  5. Once the message arrives, open it, and then click Accept Invitation.

    An external network email acceptance

The Office 365 network home page displays.

The Office 365 Network home page

Drive ongoing engagement

Now, keep it going! The following ideas are proven strategies that other organizations have used to drive ongoing engagement.

Create a festive mood to help motivate everyone to use Yammer. Examples of network celebrations and graphics include:

  • Daily challenges or contests to get people to visit the network and participate.

  • Milestones such as the 200th person to join your Yammer network or the 2,000th message posted.

    A picture of community management volunteers
  • Fun things like cookies and photo challenges.

    Sample ideas and infographics about driving usage

Continue to drive ongoing usage. Here are some tactics you can use:

  • Hold an online event, such as a one-hour Q and A, in which an executive answers questions from the whole organization.

  • Post a weekly report or new content you want to share through Yammer instead of e-mail.

  • Motivate the communications team to incorporate Yammer more deeply into their communication channels.

  • Examine new use cases and help teams get off the ground.

  • Study the Yammer analytics, find out the posts that drive the most engagement, and then optimize your content and programming based on your analysis.

  • Reach out to the power users, the one’s who are passionate about social networking. Because they are community members, they can help reach other parts of the organization. 

    Yammer cookies - the edible kind

Additional resources

For more information and practical content that you can use, see the following:

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