Grid and guides

Because they give you a visual cue in relation to the objects in your presentation, guides and the grid can make it easier for you to align shapes and other objects.

Guides and the grid in PowerPoint

1. Use the grid to help align objects more precisely, particularly in relation to each other.

2. Use one or more guides to arrange objects evenly, with or without the grid turned on.

Both guides and the grid can be shown or hidden, and you can add or delete guides. You can drag guides to adjust them, and you can choose from a range of preset measurements to set the spacing between grid lines. Guides and the grid are not visible when you deliver your presentation to your audience, and they are not printed.

Snap to

Snap objects to grid     Select this check box to align a shape or object to the nearest intersection of the grid. This option is turned on by default and works even when the grid is not visible.

Snap objects to other objects     Select this check box to align shapes to the edges of nearby shapes.

Note: Snap objects to other objects cannot be applied to shapes in SmartArt graphics.

Grid settings

Spacing     To increase or decrease the amount of space in inches between grid lines, select a value from the list.

Display grid on screen     Select this check box to see grid lines in your presentation.

Guide settings

Display drawing guides on screen     Select this check box to see guides in your presentation.

Set as Default

Click the Set as Default button to apply the settings in this dialog box to all of your presentations.

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