Get your Office Online questions answered

Note:  The forum here works best for customers who use Office Online in If you use Office Online in you organization’s Office 365 service or SharePoint site, use the support resources provided by your organization.

  1. Go to the Office Online Community and search to find out whether your question has already been answered. You don’t need to be signed in to browse and search for information.

  2. If you don’t see your answer, click Participate > Ask a Question, and submit your question.

    Note:  You must be signed in to post a question. If this is the first time you have signed in to the community, you will be directed to a page where you complete your profile.

To post your question, type your question or issue in the Title box, and then fill out the rest of the form. When someone answers your question, click Mark as Answer. That helps others find the answer quickly.

For more information about using the Community pages, go to Participate > FAQ near the top of the page.

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