Get data from Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Marketplace features data from a variety of sources, including demographic, environment, financial, retail and sports data. Many sources are free. You can get data feeds to use this data in a Data Model that you build in Excel and in the Power Pivot add-in.

You need a Microsoft account to use data from Microsoft Azure Marketplace. If you are new to Azure Marketplace, try one of the free data sources to learn the steps. You can also Tutorial: Create a Power View report with Microsoft Azure Marketplace data.

Start from Microsoft Azure Marketplace

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace Web site.

  2. Log in using your Microsoft account.

  3. On first use, fill in account information and create an account ID to use when importing or exporting to Excel.

  4. Click Data.

  5. Under Price, click Free to list just those data sources that are free of charge.

  6. Click the data source. For most data sources, including free ones, you will need to sign up to use it. Click the link to sign up.

  7. On the data source page, look for Explore this Data. Most pages have a link with this name, that when clicked, opens a query window.

  8. Run the query.

  9. In Export to Program, choose Excel Power Pivot, and then click Download.

  10. When prompted to open or save the document, click Open.

  11. Click Create a New Workbook, and then click OK. Excel opens, starts the Power Pivot add-in, opens the Power Pivot window, and starts the Table Import wizard, with the data feed URL already specified.

  12. Power Pivot may ask for an Account ID. Find the Account ID on the My Account page on Azure Marketplace.

Start from Power Pivot

  1. In Excel, Power Pivot tab > Manage Data Model to open the Power Pivot window.

  2. On Home > Get External Data > From Data Service > From Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

  3. Microsoft Azure Marketplace opens on the Catalog page of the site. Select settings in the left to filter the data by type, price, category, and publisher. Browse and sign up for free or purchased datasets you can import directly into Power Pivot.

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