Get access to Skype Meetings in your organization

If your company has already set up Office 365, you likely already have access to Skype Meetings and the rest of Skype for Business, which also provides instant messaging (IM) and audio/video calling.

To get started quickly, install the Skype for Business app for your computer or phone, and then sign in using your email address and password. Click here to get the right app for your device.

Important: If you are only trying to join a Skype Meeting, then you can follow the instructions after clicking the “join meeting” link to download the appropriate client. You do not need a Skype for Business account to just join a meeting.

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Download and set up the Skype for Business app
How to ask IT to enable Skype for Business / Skype Meetings

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Download and set up the Skype for Business app

To use Skype for Business for creating and joining meetings, sending instant messages, and making calls, you need to install an application for your device. Skype for Business is available on all major PC and mobile platforms.

Click here to download the right app for your device.

Each app is a little different based on the platform, but they will all ask you to sign in. You should sign in using the user name and password provided by your IT department. Typically, these are the same credentials you use to sign in to your Exchange-based email account using the Outlook app.

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How to ask IT to enable Skype for Business / Skype Meetings

If your organization has Office 365, it is very simple for your IT admin to enable Skype for Business, including the Skype Meetings capability. Quite often you can just download the app and sign in.

If you encounter problems, contact your IT department and ask them to enable you for Skype for Business. It is possible that they have not purchased or assigned the appropriate license to your account.

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