Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in OneNote for Mac

Last updated: October 2016

Issues affecting OneNote for Mac features

Apple released macOS Sierra on 9/20. We recommend customers do not upgrade to macOS Sierra at time. This is because some customers are reporting Office 2016 for Mac applications are closing unexpectedly, or crashing, on macOS Sierra. Microsoft is working with Apple to resolve this issue.

Turning off “Auto Proxy Discovery” or “Automatic Proxy Configuration” is a possible workaround, if allowed by your organization’s network configuration. Contact your local network administrator for more information on your network settings.

We will update this content when more information is known, including a fix or additional workaround.

If you use OneNote 2016 for Mac and OneNote for iPad or iPhone, you may be asked to sign in any time you open OneNote or switch between notebooks. Similarly, OneNote may require you to sign in repeatedly in order to resolve sync errors.

This issue has been fixed for OneNote for iPhone and iPad. To get the fix, update to version 15.27, which was released on 10/6/16. Once you update the app, OneNote will ask you to sign in again. After you do so, the repeated prompting for your credentials should no longer occur.

The fix for the same issue in OneNote 2016 for Mac is available in 15.27 (161010), which was released to Insider Slow users on 10/10/16, and to non-Insiders on 10/11/16. Again, be sure to sign in when prompted; after that, the repeated requests to sign in should stop.

When migrating from Evernote to OneNote, you may experience one of the following:

  • You completed the import but don't see the imported notes.

  • Importer does not finish install and you can't sign in.

  • You receive an error message while importing notes.

  • OneNote Importer crashes while importing notes.

We've released a fix with build 1.0.2 that is now available for download. We recommend breaking any enex files into smaller ones, preferably under 1 GB, for a smooth transition. Learn more on how to Import notes from Evernote into OneNote 2016 for Mac in the article Import notes from Evernote into OneNote 2016 for Mac. .

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