Find or replace text and numbers on a worksheet

  1. In a worksheet, click any cell.

  2. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select.

    Excel Ribbon Image

  3. Do the following:

    • To find text or numbers, click Find.

    • To find and replace text or numbers, click Replace.

  4. In the Find what box, type the text or numbers that you want to search for, or click the arrow in the Find what box, and then click a recent search in the list.

    You can use wildcard characters, such as an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?), in your search criteria:

    • Use the asterisk to find any string of characters. For example, s*d finds "sad" and "started".

    • Use the question mark to find any single character. For example, s?t finds "sat" and "set".

      Tip   You can find asterisks, question marks, and tilde characters (~) in worksheet data by preceding them with a tilde character in the Find what box. For example, to find data that contains "?", you would type ~? as your search criteria.

  5. Click Options to further define your search, and then do any of the following:

    • To search for data in a worksheet or in an entire workbook, in the Within box, select Sheet or Workbook.

    • To search for data in specific rows or columns, in the Search box, click By Rows or By Columns.

    • To search for data with specific details, in the Look in box, click Formulas, Values, or Comments.

    • To search for case-sensitive data, select the Match case check box.

    • To search for cells that contain just the characters that you typed in the Find what box, select the Match entire cell contents check box.

  6. If you want to search for text or numbers that also have specific formatting, click Format, and then make your selections in the Find Format dialog box.

    Tip   If you want to find cells that just match a specific format, you can delete any criteria in the Find what box, and then select a specific cell format as an example. Click the arrow next to Format, click Choose Format From Cell, and then click the cell that has the formatting that you want to search for.

  7. Do one of the following:

    • To find text or numbers, click Find All or Find Next.

      Tip   When you click Find All, every occurrence of the criteria that you are searching for will be listed, and you can make a cell active by clicking a specific occurrence in the list. You can sort the results of a Find All search by clicking a column heading.

    • To replace text or numbers, type the replacement characters in the Replace with box (or leave this box blank to replace the characters with nothing), and then click Find or Find All.

      Note   If the Replace with box is not available, click the Replace tab.

      If needed, you can cancel a search in progress by pressing ESC.

  8. To replace the highlighted occurrence or all occurrences of the found characters, click Replace or Replace All.


Applies To: Excel 2007

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