Find customer refunds in a list

The Customer Refunds List contains all the refunds you have issued to your customers.

  1. On the Customers menu, point to Customer Lists, and then click Customer Refunds.

  2. Do one or more of the following:

    • Open a customer refund.

      1. Select one or more (up to 10) customer refunds in the list.


      Do this

      Select one refund

      Click the customer name.

      Select multiple refunds in the list

      Hold down the CTRL key and select individual refunds, or hold down the SHIFT key and select a range of refunds.

      Select all the refunds in the list

      On the Edit menu, click Select All.

      Cancel a selection

      Hold down the CTRL key and click the refund.

      1. On the File menu, click Open Selected Items.

    • Find a customer refund by keyword.

      1. On the toolbar, click Find.

      2. In the Look for field, type a keyword, such as a customer name.

      3. Click the arrow next to Search under, and then select a column title.

      4. Click Find.

      5. To return to the full list, click Clear.

    • View customer refunds by status.

      To view customer refunds by status, click the arrow next to Current View, and then do one of the following.



      Not Issued

      View all customer refunds that have not yet been issued.


      View all customer refunds that have been issued.


      View all voided customer refunds.


      View all customer refunds.

    • Print the Customer Refunds List.

      1. On the File menu, click Print Button image .

      2. In the Print dialog box, click OK.

For more information about how to print a list, modify its layout, or export the data to Microsoft Office Excel, see Working with lists.

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