File size limits for workbooks in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online has some file size limits for workbooks. When you upload an Excel Online workbook to a SharePoint document library that's too large, it will either not open in a browser window, or let you edit or refresh data in the browser. To keep from consuming too much disk or memory space, Office 365 SharePoint Online puts some file size limits on the files or workbooks you can upload and work with online.

Whether you can view and interact with a workbook in a browser window depends on several factors, such as how big a workbook is in file size, what your Office 365 subscription includes, and where the workbook resides.

What are the current file size limits for workbooks?

Your file size limits are determined by your particular subscription to Office 365. If your subscription includes Power BI for Office 365, then you’ll be able to open, view, and interact with larger workbooks in a browser window than if you just had SharePoint Online.

If your Office 365 subscription includes…

And the workbook is stored here…

Then these file size limits apply to workbooks in a browser window

SharePoint Online

A library in a site such as a team site

0-10 MB

Power BI Pro or free

The new Power BI service

0-250 MB

See how to reduce the size of an Excel workbook for details.

Power BI for Office 365

A library in a site such as a team site or in the previous Power BI sites on Power BI for Office 365 (recommended)

0-250 MB

Important:  When a workbook exceeds 30 MB in file size, it must be configured a certain way in order to display in a browser window. See Administering Power BI in your organization.

Outlook Web App

Attached to an email message

0-10 MB

If you’re trying to open a workbook that is attached to an email message in Outlook Web App, a smaller file size limits applies. In this case, the workbook must be smaller than 10 MB to open in a browser window.

What happens if the workbook’s file size is too big?

If a workbook exceeds the file size limit that’s set for your Office 365 subscription, you won’t be able to view it in a browser window. However, there are some things you can try:

Where can I find more information?

To learn more about this…

Go here…

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Sign up for Power BI Pro or free

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Which Office 365 subscription you have

Contact your Office 365 administrator. This is typically the person who sent you your work account when you first logged into Office 365.

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