Export table details

Indicate the name of the database table you are exporting to and the type of data for the key field.


Shows the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data source you selected on the previous page.

Table name

If the database has tables, they are listed in the lower text box. To export shape data to an existing table, select the table name in the lower text box. It appears in the upper text box. To create a new table and export shape data to it, type a name for the new table in the upper text box.

Key field

The wizard creates a key field in the database table called ShapeKey. The key field uniquely identifies each shape. You can type a new name for the field.

Key type

Specify values for the key field.

  • ShapeID is a number Microsoft Office Visio assigns to a shape according to the order in which the shape was created on the page.

    No two shapes in the same drawing page will have the same ShapeID.

  • GUID is a unique, null-terminated, 128-bit string assigned to each shape when you export its data. No two shapes in the same document will have the same GUID.

Make key field the primary key for table

By making the key field a primary key field, your database program can access the field faster. Not all ODBC data sources can mark fields as primary key fields.

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