Even amount allocation template in Planning Business Modeler

The rule that you can create from the Even allocation template distributes a cost or resource from a specified allocation account to the same account that is associated with designated descendants. The rule assumes that one entity in the model is designated as a root entity. Then, the children of this entity become designated descendants.

A rule that is created by using this template distributes the allocation amount evenly among the descendants.


The following task is a prerequisite for a rule that you create with this template.

  • Be sure that the SCOPE statement that your rule uses includes the appropriate application dimensions.


A rule that you develop from this template has SQL implementation. You can run this rule directly from PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler, or include this rule as a part of a user-specified job. For more information, see SQL implementation.

Placeholder substitution requirements

To convert the Even allocation template into a rule, you must substitute actual dimension values for the placeholders in the template. For information about how to substitute values, see Filling a placeholder in a rule template.

The following table describes the placeholder substitutions that you must make to create a business rule from this template.



<<[Entity].[Hierarchy].[Root Enitity]>>

Member of the entity dimension that is the root entity. This entity holds the original amount that is to be allocated among descendants.

<<[Account].[Hierarchy].[Allocation Account]>>

Source account that contains the original amount to be allocated.

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