Euro symbols don't display correctly in Windows versions of Office

Cause: The document contains a version of the euro symbol that is not available in Office for Windows.

Solution:    Replace euro symbols with a version of the symbol that is compatible with Office for Windows.

  1. Click in your document where you want to insert the euro symbol.

  2. On the Standard toolbar, click Media Browser  Media Browser button .

  3. Click Symbols  Symbols, Media Browser .

  4. On the All Symbols pop-up menu, click Currency.

  5. Click the euro symbol Euro currency symbol .

  6. In the document, select the euro symbol that you inserted.

  7. On the Edit menu, click Cut.

  8. In the search field Search Field in Word , click the magnifying glass pop-up menu, and then click Replace.

  9. In both the Search Document and Replace With boxes in the Find and Replace pane, paste the euro symbol by pressing COMMAND + V .

  10. Click Replace All.

Tip: To avoid compatibility issues, use the Object Palette or a keyboard shortcut to enter euro symbols.

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