Error 0xD000000C when activating Office 2016 for Mac

You might see this error when you try to activate Office 2016 for Mac:

The system requires that you sign on to a valid account. The error code is: 0xD000000C

If you've signed into your Mac using a Network account such as Open directory accounts, then this error occurs because Office 2016 for Mac can't write your credentials into the keychain as it is "read-only."

Troubleshoot error code 0xD000000C on Office 2016 for Mac

  1. Make sure the internet is working on the Mac you're trying to install on. You can do this by opening your internet browser and going to If the page loads, your internet connection is working.

  2. Are you using a network or local user account on your macOS? If you are signed in with a network account, sign out and sign back in with your local user account. Try activation again.

  3. If you don't have a local user account, you must create one:

    1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences > Users & Groups.

    2. Select Click the lock to make changes, and type your password. Select Unlock.

    3. Select +, and then fill in the new account information, and then select Create User.

    4. Log into your local user account and activate again.

Contact support

If you're still having issues with activating Office 2016 for Mac, please contact Microsoft support.

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