Edit Recording Details

Recording Subject. Allows the meeting Organizer to specify a subject for the recording. Defaults to the meeting subject.

Recording ID. Allows the meeting Organizer to specify an ID for the recording. Defaults to the meeting ID.

Recording On. Date on which the recording was made.

Duration. Playback time of the recording.

Total Size. File size of the recording.

Change recording access control.

  • Use access control list. Limits access to recordings to users with a membership in their organization's account.

  • Require Recording Key. Prevents users without either the specified recording key or the server generated recording key from viewing the recording.

  • Recording Key Complexity Requirements. Outlines the requirements for user generated recording keys.

  • Have the server generate a new recording key. Allows the server to generate a recording key.

  • Change recording expiration time. Allows the meeting Organizer to specify or change the recording expiration time.

Invitees. Opens the address book so the meeting Organizer can invite people to view the recording.

Message. Customizes the text of the recording invitation.

Ask for e-mail and company name when viewing this recording. Requires extended registration to view the recording.

Bill To. Indicates the code used by your organization to keep track of Live Meeting recordings.

View Recordings. Opens the View Recording Info page for list of available recording formats.

Recording Format. Lists the formats in which recordings are available.

  • Basic recording with per-slide audio. Recording playback format that allows participants to listen to audio and view slides from the meeting.

  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting High-Fidelity Presentation. Recording playback format that provides a viewing experience that is closer to the actual Live Meeting experience by including features such as clickable indexes, presenter information, and an embedded view of the question and answer log.

Available. Indicates whether the recording is available in a particular format.

Send Invitations. Sends invitations to view the recording.

Save. Saves recording detail changes without sending invitations to view the recording.

Cancel. Exits the page without saving any changes to recording details.

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