Edit Audio/Video Policies

Audio policies control available audio conferencing providers, as well as audio features such as Internet Broadcast Audio and Call Me.

Note: If you change these policies, settings for Meet Now meetings, existing meetings, and recordings will not be altered. However, if you modify an existing meeting or recording, the meeting or recording will be automatically re-validated against the new policy and updated accordingly.

Enable Join Conference- Participants can have their conference provider call their phone. This feature refers to the “call back” function available through a certified audio conferencing provider. If selected, the designated certified audio conferencing provider calls back the phone number provided by any meeting participant. This option may only be selected if a certified audio conferencing provider is selected from the list of audio conferencing providers.

Enable computer audio conferencing from this Conference Center. This option enables organizers to schedule meetings with two-way computer audio where users use a headset or a microphone and speakers attached to their computers. Computer audio may be used independently or in combination with telephone conferencing. If you disable this feature, the option Computer audio conferencing will not appear as a preferred audio setting when scheduling a new meeting.

Enable one way Internet Broadcast Audio from this Conference Center. Selecting this option enables presenters to broadcast meetings to attendees’ computer speakers or headphones. This feature can be used in combination with telephone conferencing.

Set as Default. Limits conference providers from the list made available to members of your account when they are scheduling meetings.

Submit. Applies changes to the audio/video policies.

Cancel. Exits the page without saving any changes to audio/video policies.

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