Draw and annotate with ink in OneNote 2016 for Mac

You can use your mouse or trackpad to write notes, highlight portions of your text, or draw shapes with the tools on the Draw tab in Microsoft OneNote 2016 for Mac.

Do the following:

  1. On the ribbon, click the Draw tab.

    Drawing and writing tools on the Draw tab

  2. Select the drawing tool you want to use. There’s a Pen, a Marker, a Highlighter, and an Eraser. After you’ve clicked your preferred drawing tool, you can customize your drawing style by doing any of the following:

    • Click one of the four color dots to use a basic color, or click the arrow to the right of the Ink Color button to select a custom color. Once a color has been selected, you can click the Ink Color button at any time to apply that color to other selected ink strokes.

      Expanded Ink Color choices

    • Customize your selected pen by selecting its stroke thickness. You can make a new selection at any time to begin drawing with a different stroke thickness.

      Ink stroke thickness selector

  3. Once you’ve selected your ink options, use your mouse or trackpad to draw, highlight, or write notes anywhere on a page.

  4. To erase any ink annotations you’ve made, click the arrow to the right of the Eraser tool, choose the eraser size that best suits your needs, and then draw over the ink strokes you want to erase.

  5. To select any of your annotations, either to modify or move them, click the Lasso Select button on the Draw tab, drag a selection around the ink strokes you want, and then Control-click the selection for more options.

  6. To stop drawing at any time, click the Text Mode button on the Draw tab.

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