Download an embedded workbook to your computer

You probably arrived here from an article that has sample data in an embedded workbook you want to download and open in the Excel desktop application. You can view and interact with the sample data in the embedded workbook, but by using Excel you can see additional details and use its full functionality to experiment. For example, you’ll be able to see the underlying rules for conditional formatting, add sparklines, build array formulas, and add filtering and sorting.

The embedded sample data you see comes from a workbook that's stored in a OneDrive folder on Microsoft's site, and it's shown in a web page by Excel Online—the Excel experience for web browsers. If you’re not familiar with it yet, learn more about working with Excel Online and Office Online.

Here’s how you can download an embedded workbook with its sample data:

  • In the article that has the embedded workbook sample data you want to open in Excel, click the green Excel icon on the bottom bar of the embedded workbook to download it.

    Download button

    Or, to try it out here, download this embedded workbook to open it in Excel.

    To download the workbook:

  • In the lower right corner of the embedded workbook, click the Excel icon to start the file download.

Download button

A download message appears. It may look like this, depending on the operating system of your computer or other device.

File download dialog box

  1. Click Open to open the workbook in Excel, or Save to open it later.

To save the workbook to a folder other than your computer's Download folder, click the Save arrow, and click Save As.

Can’t open an embedded workbook you downloaded?

This might happen when you opened a Help article to learn more about a specific function while you were writing a formula that uses that function in your worksheet. Excel can’t open an embedded workbook you downloaded because you’re still in cell-editing mode on the worksheet. If you click any other cell to stop editing data in the cell, the embedded workbook should open.

Embed a workbook on your own web page

Now that you know more about embedded workbooks, you might want to learn how you can embed a workbook on your own web page (your blog, for example). For more information, see Embed an Excel spreadsheet on a web page.

Applies To: Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Excel Online, Excel 2016 for Mac

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