Do not print private calendar item details

Printed calendar with private appointment You can prevent the details of private appointments from appearing on printouts of your Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 calendars.

To avoid printing private information, you must ensure that your private calendar items have been marked as private. To mark appointments and meetings as private, see Make an appointment or meeting private.

Items marked private will appear with the description "Private Appointment" but will not show the subject, location, meeting organizer, or other details except for the start and end times. There is no option to print the calendar without the appointment or meeting appearing.

  1. On the File menu, click Print.

    Keyboard shortcut  To print, press CTRL+P.

  2. Under Print range, select the Hide details of private appointments check box.

    Print dialog box

  3. On the Print dialog box, select your printing preferences.

  4. Click Print.

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