Delete or hide comments

The comments people add when reviewing your presentation might be helpful, but they usually aren’t meant to be seen by everyone. The Comments Pane is the fastest way to hide the comments in your presentation, or to delete them completely.

On the Review tab, click Show Comments and then click Comments Pane.

Show Comments

The Comments Pane appears at the side of the PowerPoint workspace, showing the comments related to the slide that is open. Click a comment to select it and make it “active”.

Comment Pane

Learn more about working with comments in Add comments to a presentation.

Delete comments

Use the Next Next comment or Previous Previous comment button to find the comment that you want to delete. Click the comment to make it active, and then click the black X to delete.

Delete a comment in the Comments Pane

Tip:  On your slide, the text or graphic elements that have comments attached to them are marked with a comment balloon PowerPoint comment icon . To delete a comment directly from your slide, right-click the comment balloon and click Delete Comment.

Delete all comments at once

If you don’t want any comments on the slide or in your presentation anymore, delete them all at one time. On the Review tab, click the arrow below Delete, then choose what you want to do:

  • Delete All Comments and Ink on This Slide    Removes comments and ink notes (added on touch-enabled computers) from the slide that you have open.

  • Delete All Comments and Ink in This Presentation    Removes all added comments and ink notes from the entire presentation.

Important:  Deleted comments are removed permanently from the presentation and can’t be recovered. If you might want the comments later, we suggest that you hide them rather than delete them, or create a copy of the presentation that keeps the comments.

Hide comments

Hiding comments closes the Comments Pane and stops comment balloons from appearing on the slides. The comments remain in the presentation, however, which means other people opening the presentation might see and read them. If you want to avoid that, use the steps above to delete the comments instead.

To hide the comments and comment balloons in your presentation, click Review > Comments > Show Comments > Show Markup. Click Show Markup again to unhide the comments.

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