Delete entries from a Support List dialog box: options and information

You can delete an entry from a support list only if it is not used in a posted transaction or referenced in a record. If you want to delete an entry that is referenced by other records, you must delete the entry from those records.

For example, to delete a payment term from the customer record for Alpine Ski House, open the customer record and select a new payment term. If the term is used in any unposted sales orders to Alpine Ski House, open the sales order and select a new payment term. If the same payment term appears on a vendor record, open the vendor record and select a new payment term for that vendor. You must create a new payment term in each of these forms before you can delete the payment term in the support list.

Delete entries

  1. On the Company menu, point to Manage Support Lists, and then click the selected list.

  2. In the Manage dialog box, click Remove.

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