Delete a blank page in Word 2016 for Mac

Note: If you want to delete the entire document, rather than just one or more blank pages within the document, go to Finder, locate your file and drag it to Trash. Your items aren't permanently deleted until you empty the Trash.

If you have an unwanted blank page, your document may contain empty paragraphs, manual page breaks, or section breaks. Each of these things can cause blank pages in Word documents. To find them, show the nonprinting characters in your document.

What's causing the blank page

On the Home tab, click Show all nonprinting characters(¶) or press command button for Apple computers + 8.

On the Home tab, Show Editing Marks is highlighted

Empty paragraph marks

If you find empty paragraph marks (¶), select them with your mouse and press Delete.

Empty paragarph marks ar highlighted

Manual page breaks

To delete a manual page break, select it with your mouse and press Delete. Or, click in the left margin next to the page break to select it, and press Delete.

Page break example

Section breaks

To delete a section break, select it with your mouse and press Delete.

Image of Section Break

Note:  When you delete a section break, Word combines the text before and after the break into one section. The new combined section will use the formatting from the second section -- the one that followed the section break.

To retain the formatting but remove the extra page double click the section break and in the Document dialog box change the Section start to "Continuous".

The document dialog box contains settings for managing sections, headers & footers

Full page tables

If you have a table at the end of the last page of your document, Word will insert an empty paragraph after the table. This can cause a blank page to appear. This empty paragraph contains formatting information and you can’t delete it. You can, however, make it small enough that it might not add the extra page.

  1. Select the paragraph mark that appears after the table (¶).

    Empty paragraph mark is highlighted on page after a table

  2. Click the Home tab, click inside the Font size box.

    On the Home tab, the Font Size box is highlighted

  3. Type “1” and press Enter.

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