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Decide who has to wait in the lobby to get in to a Skype for Business meeting

When you create a new Skype for Business meeting, you decide who gets into the meeting directly, and who waits until you let them in. We recommend that you change these options for large meetings, or when you have confidential or sensitive info. You can set the following options in a new Skype for Business meeting by clicking Meeting Options on the Meeting tab.

Who gets in directly?

What happens

Recommended when…

Only me, the meeting organizer

You are the only one who gets into the meeting directly. Everyone else has to wait until admitted.

You have a high security meeting and confidential information.

People I invite from my company

Only people who were invited can join the meeting directly. Everyone else has to wait until admitted.

You’re discussing confidential information, and want to only allow specific people to join.

Anyone from my organization

Anyone from your company can get in to the meeting directly, even if not invited.

You don’t have external participants and you are not discussing confidential information.

Anyone (no restrictions)

Anyone who has access to the meeting link gets in to the meeting directly.

You’re inviting outside participants and you’re not discussing confidential information.

Note: If any option other than Anyone is checked, presenters using the Skype for Business desktop client won't be able to see the dialed-in users waiting in lobby and admit them to the meeting.

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