Debugging a rule in Planning Business Modeler (PerformancePoint Server)

When you run a rule from the Business Rules workspace, PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler translates the rule into SQL or multidimensional expressions (MDX) code. When you use the Debug rule menu option, Planning Business Modeler displays the translated code for analysis.

Unlike the Validate Rule Set or Rule or Execute Rule Set or Rule options on the Actions menu, which can apply to rule sets, you can only debug one rule at a time.

Rules of type Consolidation, Currency, Intercompany Reconciliation, Model Property/Variable, and Outbound cannot be debugged.

Debug an individual rule

  1. In the Workspace Browser pane, click Models.

  2. On the model site workspace, click a row in the table to open a model.

  3. Click the Business Rules tab.

  4. Click to select a business rule in the table.

    Note:  You might have to expand a rule set in order to select an individual rule.

  5. Right-click to display the shortcut menu, and then select Debug Rule or click the Debug Rule icon.

    This displays the Debug RuleResults message box. If the rule you are debugging contains parameters, the Parameters for Rule message box is also displayed.

    Note:  You might be prompted to validate a rule if you have not validated the rule previously.

  6. In the Debug Rule Results dialog box, view the results and then click OK.

    Note:  You can copy the contents of the dialog box.

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