Deactivate form templates

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To deactivate a form template within a site collection, you must have feature activation permissions on that site collection. It is also possible for administrators of a site collection to deactivate form templates from the site collection administration page.

When you deactivate a form template within a site collection, the corresponding form is no longer available to users. You can quiesce a form template before you deactivate it if you want to allow current sessions to be completed. You can find more information about quiescing a form template in Quiesce a form template.

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Application Management.

  2. On the Application Management page, in the InfoPath Forms Services section, click Manage form templates.

  3. On the Manage Form Templates page, in the list of form templates, point to the form template that you want to deactivate, click the arrow that appears, and then click Deactivate from a Site Collection on the menu that appears.

  4. On the Deactivate Form Template page, if the site collection that you want to deactivate does not appear in the Site Collection menu in the Deactivation Location section, click Change Site Collection on the Site Collection menu.

    1. In the Select Site Collection window, select the URL for the site collection. You can search for the URL by using the URL Search box, and you can change the Web application if needed by using the Web Application menu.

    2. Click OK.

  5. On the Deactivate Form Template page, click OK.

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