DROP USER or GROUP Statement

Deletes one or more existing users or groups, or removes one or more existing users from an existing group.


Delete one or more users or remove one or more users from a group:

DROP USER user[, user, …] [FROM group]

Delete one or more groups:

DROP GROUP group[, group, …]

The DROP USER or GROUP statement has these parts:




The name of a user to be removed from the workgroup information file.


The name of a group to be removed from the workgroup information file.


If the FROM keyword is used in the DROP USER statement, then each of the users listed in the statement will be removed from the group specified following the FROM keyword. However, the users themselves will not be deleted.

The DROP GROUP statement will delete the specified group(s). The users who are members of the group(s) will not be affected, but they will no longer be members of the deleted group(s).

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