DROP Statement

Deletes an existing table, procedure, or view from a database, or deletes an existing index from a table.

Note: The Microsoft Access database engine does not support the use of DROP, or any of the DDL statements, with non-Microsoft Access databases. Use the DAO Delete method instead.


DROP {TABLE table | INDEX index ON table | PROCEDURE procedure | VIEW view}

The DROP statement has these parts:




The name of the table to be deleted or the table from which an index is to be deleted.


The name of the procedure to be deleted.


The name of the view to be deleted.


The name of the index to be deleted from table.


You must close the table before you can delete it or remove an index from it.

You can also use ALTER TABLE to delete an index from a table.

You can use CREATE TABLE to create a table and CREATE INDEX or ALTER TABLE to create an index. To modify a table, use ALTER TABLE.

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