Customize drop-down lists on Business Contact Manager forms

When you update an Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, or Business Project record in Business Contact Manager for Outlook, you enter data into a field (such as Source, or Account name) on a form. You can save time and ensure that you and your team always use the same terms (also known as "values") by selecting information from a predefined list.

You can either create your own list of values, or edit the values that are currently in a list. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you can add a list of the foundation shades that a customer uses to a Business Contact form, or, on an Account form, you can change the order of the values in the Source list to place the most frequently used value at the top of this list.

Note: Business Contact Manager forms are customized by adding fields, known as user-defined fields, or by changing the list of items that are available in a field (drop-down list). You cannot change the layout of forms or remove default fields.

  1. On the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Customize Business Contact Manager Forms, and then click Edit Lists.

  2. In the Edit Lists dialog box, select the list that you want to modify.

  3. To edit the list, click one of the following commands:




Add a value

The Add button

Rename a value

A value

The Rename button

Remove a value from the list or merge the records with an existing value.

A value

The Delete button

Move a value up in the list.

A value

The Move Up button

Move a value down in the list.

A value

The Move Down button

Make a value the default value.

A value

The Make Default button

Note: The type of data you include in the list is determined by the data type of the field. Consider the following examples:

  • The Source field in the Account form requires a Text data type, so include text in your list.

  • For a field named Number of bedrooms on a form, use the Numbers data type; your list can include the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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