Currency rule template in Planning Business Modeler

The currency conversion template contains Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Expression Language code that translates currency values from one currency standard to a different standard by using a designated exchange rate or set of exchange rates. If the default values in the template fit the business scenario, you can use the template without changes. Alternatively, you can customize the template to fit your particular business scenario.

Currency conversion requires a variety of different calculations that depend on several factors.

  • The nature of the financial report that will receive the converted currencies

  • Whether the reporting model includes tracking cash flows between periods

  • The type of account in which the currency value is tracked

  • The specific exchange rate values that are used

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About the currency conversion template

Describes the general structure of the template.

Using currency conversion functions to select exchange rate

Describes the PerformancePoint Expression Language currency conversion functions that you can use to retrieve different exchange rates for calculations.

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