Creating a new meeting

To create a new meeting:

  1. On the Home tab, click New Meeting.

  2. Fill out any of the optional meeting profile fields:

    • Enter a subject.

    • Enter a meeting location.

    • Enter details about the meeting in the text area.

    • Add a list of meeting attendees.

    • Set the meeting Start and End times.

    • If needed, set a specific time zone for the meeting.

      This feature allows you or other workspace members to see the meeting time according to a specific time zone in addition to the present time zone.

    • If needed, make this a recurring meeting.

  3. Save the new meeting.

    • If you want to save the new meeting profile information and then edit on other tabs, such as Agenda, Notes, and Summary, press CTRL+S.

      Note: The Calendar will prompt you to save your changes if you click other tabs without saving.

    • If you are done editing the meeting, click Save & Close.

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