Creating a new list view

A list view is a set of columns that reference selected item fields. When you import an InfoPath form template solution, the Lists tool automatically creates a corresponding list view that references all eligible fields (some field types cannot be referenced in a list view). In most cases, you will need to update settings in this list view. You can also create additional new list views.

Note: A Lists tool design must contain at least one imported form template solution before you can create a new view.

  1. Enter the Designer.

  2. On the Home tab, click New View.

  3. On the About tab of the list view designer, enter a suitable descriptive name for the view, and if you want, describe the purpose of the view in the Description box.

    Typically, the name reflects the focus and and sorting arrangement of the view, such as "By Date" or "By Category." This description is mainly for you or other Lists tool designers. Users will not see this content.

  4. Update other settings on the Properties, Filter, Columns, and Sort and Group tabs.

  5. Save and publish your changes.

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