Creating a calculation formula in Management Reporter

Calculations are more complicated than totals. A calculation formula can include the +, -, *, and / operators along with IF/THEN/ELSE statements. Additionally, a calculation can involve individual cells and absolute amounts (actual numbers included in the formula). The formula can be up to 1024 characters long.

Calculations must be on rows that do not include links to the financial data. However, you can place calculations on consecutive rows, suppress the printing of those rows, and then total the calculation rows for report purposes. The following excerpt of a row definition shows an example of a total that includes a calculation.

R ow Code


Format Code

Related Rates/Rows/Unit

Print Control

Link to Financial Data Source


Cash at Beginning of Period




Cash at Beginning of Year





Cash at Beginning of Period



Given below is the procedure to create a calculation formula:

  1. Double-click the Format Code cell in the row definition, and then click CAL.

  2. In the Related Formulas/Rows/Units cell, type the calculation formula.

    For information about valid calculation formulas, see the following topics:

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