Create, reply to, or forward email messages in Outlook on the web and

Creating a message in Outlook on the web and is as easy as choosing New, composing your message, and then choosing Send. And you can respond to an email message you receive by choosing Reply or Reply All, or you can Forward it to others.

Create and send

  1. Sign in to your Outlook on the web or account.

  2. On the nav bar, choose Choose New to create a new message to create a message.

    New mail

  3. In the new message form, do one of the following:

    • In the To or Cc box, type the name or email address of the person who will receive the message.


    • Choose To or Cc to open your address book, and then choose message recipients from the people listed.

  4. On the Add a subject line, type a brief description of what your email is about.

  5. Type your email message, and then choose Send send on the nav bar.

Reply, reply all, or forward an email message

  1. Choose the message that you want to reply to or forward.

  2. On the nav bar, choose the Choose the Reply down arrow and then choose Reply, Reply all, or Forward down arrow, and then choose Reply, Reply all, or Forward.


    Notes: If you're forwarding an email, enter names in the To and Cc boxes, as applicable.

    To choose an address from your address book, choose To to display a list of people. Choose one or more people to add as recipients to your message.

  3. Type your response, and then choose Send send .

Tips about using reply, reply all, and forward

  • Reply and Reply all
    When you reply to a message, you'll see RE: added to the subject line. The original message is added below the new message.

    Reply indicator

    Attachments to the original message aren't included when replying.

  • Forward
    When you forward a message, the prefix FW: is added to the subject line to alert the recipient they're receiving a forwarded message. The original message is included in the forwarded message, along with any attachments to the original message. You can edit the text of a forwarded message or add and remove any attachments before you send.

  • When replying to or forwarding an email message, you can change the subject line of the message. Simply delete the existing subject line, and type the new one.

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