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Applies to:     Office Accounting Professional

Purchase orders are often the first step in the purchase flow by providing the supplier with a written order for products or services.

purchase order form
Sample purchase order

The purchase order is similar to a sales order. It tells the supplier what you want to order and the prices and terms you expect to get.

Like quotes and sales orders, purchase orders are not posted as financial transactions. Rather they represent a request for a purchase at desired prices and terms.

Note the following items about a purchase order:

  • A purchase order can be modified until it is fully received.

  • Only service and non-stock products that have the I buy this product or service box selected can be selected on purchase documents. Stock products are always available because they are defined as products purchased for resale.

  • Purchase orders can be created from sales orders.

  • A purchase order can be created by clicking the Reorder Stock button on the toolbar and selecting the products you want to put on the purchase order.

  • When the Show prices with VAT check box is selected, all amounts are treated as being VAT inclusive (if the supplier lists its prices with VAT).

  • When you receive the products on the purchase order, you can create a goods received note (or several goods received notes if the order arrives in batches) directly from the purchase order (using the Receive Products button).

  • Similar to sales documents, the purchase order can be printed and mailed or electronically mailed to the supplier. If electronically mailed, it can be sent either as text in an e-mail message or as an attachment (in Word, PDF or XPS format).

Tip:  If you want to create a drop ship purchase order where the products ordered are delivered directly to your customer (or a construction site), type the customer name and address in the delivery address box, and the order is sent directly to the customer at the specified address.

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