Create a timeline in PowerPoint Online

Use a SmartArt graphic to create a timeline showing target dates for an assignment or project.

Create a timeline

  1. On the Insert tab, click Smart Art.

Insert SmartArt

  1. Pick a timeline layout from the SmartArt gallery. For example, this basic timeline.

    Pick a timeline

  2. Double-click the timeline on the slide so it turns into a bulleted list.

  3. Enter the dates and descriptions, and press Enter.

Timeline turns into a bulleted list

Tip:  To add sub-bullets in the bulleted list click the bullet with the text you want to use for a sub-bullet, and on the Smart Art Tools Design tab, click Demote.

Promote or demote

  1. Click outside the bulleted list to see the timeline.

To learn more about working with your timeline, see the following:

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