Create a new entry question

Use this page to create a question that you want registrants to answer immediately before joining an event meeting.

To create an Entry question

  1. In the Type list, click one of the following question types:

    • Single answer (Radio Buttons). The participant can choose only one answer from a list.

    • Multiple answers (Checkboxes). The participant can choose one or more answers from a list

    • Single line text answer (Text Field). The participant can type a short answer in a text box.

    • Multiple lines text answer (Text Field). The participant can type a longer answer in a scrolling text box.

    • Single answer (Drop Down). The participant can choose an answer from a drop-down list.

    • Multiple answers (List Box). The participant can choose an answer from a scrolling list.

  2. If you want to require that all participants respond to this question before joining the meeting, select the This is a required question check box.

  3. In the Question box, type the question text as you want it to appear to the participant.

  4. Next to Answers, in the text boxes below the Add button, type the individual answers from which you want participants to choose. To create additional text boxes, click Add.

  5. List and List Box questions only: If you want to allow participants to provide a custom answer to the question, click the Include 'Other' as an answer option with a text entry field that allows users to provide an answer option. Participants who choose Other from the list can type an alternate answer in a text box.

  6. Click Save.

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