Create a message with restricted permission

Important: To restrict permission to content in a message, you must have Microsoft Office for Mac Standard 2011.

Information Rights Management (IRM) allows authors to restrict permission for e-mail messages, documents, workbooks, and presentations on a per-person or per-group basis. In Outlook for Mac 2011, you can restrict a message from being forwarded. Depending on how IRM is used in your organization, you may be able to set other restrictions, such as not allowing recipients to Reply All to a message.

Restrict permission to a message

  1. On the Home tab, click New, and then click E-mail Message.

    Home tab, group 1

  2. On the Options tab, click the arrow next to Permissions, and then click the type of restriction that you want.

    Options tab, group 4


    • If you are accessing the licensing server for the first time, you have to sign in.

    • To remove restrictions on the message, on the Options tab, click the arrow next to Permissions, and then click No Restrictions.

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