Create a field

Modifying a form helps you identify and track unique aspects of a customer, vendor, employee, item, or job that meet the special needs of your business.

In the New Fields dialog box, you can create new fields (text, date, number, or check box) for a record. New fields can be moved to other tabs on the record and added to transaction forms that relate to the type of record in which you created the new field. For example, a new field created on a customer record can be added to Quote, Sales Order, or Invoice forms. All users can see the user-defined fields. After you have created a new field, it appears on the User-Defined Fields tab in a record and is added to the Available fields box in the Modify Layout dialog box.

  1. Open a record from its list. For example, open a customer record from the Customer List.

  2. On the User-Defined Fields tab of the record, click New Fields.

  3. In the New Fields dialog box, select a Field Type, select the Display check box, and then type a Field Name.

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