Country/Region dialog box: options and information

In the Country/Region dialog box, you can add or edit a country name or region name.

The information that you add to this dialog box should be based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards for country names. A2 is a two-letter abbreviation of a country name. An updated version of A2, named A3, added a third letter for better visual association with country names. The ISO number is a three-digit number that was created to facilitate the interpretation of country codes by countries that do not use Latin-based letters, such as Japan or Greece.

Open the dialog box

To open the Country/Region dialog box:

  1. On the Company menu, point to Manage Support Lists and then click Country/Region List.

  2. In the Manage Country/Region List dialog box, click Add or Edit.

    Dialog box options

    The dialog box contains the following options.



Country/Region Name

(Required.) Type or edit the country or region name.

A3 Code

Type the A3 code that is associated with the country.

ISO Code

Type the ISO number that is associated with the country.

A2 Code

Type the A2 code that is associated with the country.

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