Convert slide text to a SmartArt graphic

Presentations often contain slides with bulleted lists. With one click, you can convert a boring Agenda (or any other) slide to a SmartArt graphic.

A plain slide converted to a SmartArt graphic.

Simply, select the text you want to convert, click Home, click Convert to SmartArt Graphic Button image , and then pick the layout you want. To see more choices, click More SmartArt Graphics.

You can also convert pictures on a slide to a SmartArt graphic.

The text is automatically put in shapes and arranged based on the layout you chose. You can now spiff it up by changing the shape colors or adding a pre-made combination of effects to it.


  • To convert your SmartArt graphic back to text, right-click the graphic and select Convert to Text.

  • If you want both a slide with the text and another slide with the SmartArt graphic created from that same text, create a copy of the slide before you convert it.

  • Text customizations, such as text color or font size, will be lost when you convert the text to a SmartArt graphic.

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Change the colors of an entire SmartArt graphic

  1. Click the SmartArt graphic.

  2. Under SmartArt Tools, click Design, and then click Change Colors.

    Change Colors button in SmartArt Styles group

    If you don't see SmartArt Tools or Design, make sure that you've selected a SmartArt graphic. You may have to double-click the SmartArt graphic to open the Design tab.

  3. Click the color variation that you want.

    The different color combinations are all derived from the theme colors of your presentation.

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Apply a style to your SmartArt graphic

A SmartArt Style is a combination of various effects, such as line style, bevel, or 3-D, that you can apply to your SmartArt graphic to quickly jazz it up.

  1. Click the SmartArt graphic.

  2. Under SmartArt Tools, click Design, and then click the SmartArt Style that you want.

    To see more SmartArt Styles, click the More button Button image .

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