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Junk emails, also known as spam, are a nuisance in your Inbox. To keep your Inbox cleaner, you can enable the Junk Email Filter, which identifies emails that are likely junk and moves them to your Junk Email folder. To automatically send future emails from a particular email address to the Junk Email folder, add the email address to the Blocked Senders List. Or to prevent future emails from being marked as junk, add the address to the Safe Senders List.

Inside this course:

Control spam (1:32)
Junk e-mail, often called "spam", can be bothersome and even offensive. Take this course and learn how to optimize the Junk E-mail Filter provided with Outlook 2013.

Manage junk email with the Block Senders and Safe Senders lists (5:25)
To automatically put spam in the Junk Email folder, use the Blocked Senders List. To prevent emails from being marked as junk, add them to the Safe Senders List.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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