Contacts don't match between Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows

Cause: Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac have some different fields for contacts.

Solution:    Use the Notes tab for the contact.

Some fields, such as Middle Name, are available in Outlook for Mac but not in Outlook for Windows. As a result, if you enter information in the Middle Name field, you will not be able to see that information in Outlook for Windows. Similarly, Outlook for Windows provides fields for contacts that are not in Outlook for Mac.

To work around this issue, you can enter information in the Notes tab for the contact in Outlook for Mac, and that information is displayed in the Notes box in Outlook for Windows.

Cause: Outlook for Mac can store up to 13 e-mail addresses for each contact, but Outlook for Windows can store only three addresses per contact.

Solution:    Prioritize your Outlook for Mac e-mail addresses.

In Outlook for Mac, make sure that the first three e-mail addresses that are listed for a contact are the addresses that you want to have stored for that contact in Outlook for Windows.

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