Configure database for offline use in Business Contact Manager

To enable you to work offline, Business Contact Manager for Outlook creates a copy of the Business Contact Manager database on your portable computer.

When you are using this local copy of the database, and you are not connected to the shared database on the remote computer, you are working in an offline database. In the offline database, you can perform most of the tasks that you can perform when using a database that is not offline.

Note: When you are working in the offline database, you cannot create user-defined fields and field list values in the forms.

On the Configure database for offline use page, in answer to the question Do you want to use Business Contact Manager on your portable computer when you are away from the office?, click one of the following options:

Yes      Click this option to create a copy of your Business Contact Manager database.

No      Click this option if you do not want to do the following:

  • Create a copy of the database.

  • Take your Business Contact Manager database with you on your portable computer.

Offline Settings     Click this button to create settings for the following situations:

  • The frequency of synchronizing the databases.

  • Actions to take when the database is switched to offline mode, and the connection between the databases is lost.

  • Which database to use when several people have changed the same information.

Note: To access this form, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Offline, and then click Enable/Disable Offline.

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