Configure a document converter

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Document converters convert one type of document to another type (for example, from a Word document to a Web page). Depending on the document converter, the settings that are available vary. The following procedure covers some generic settings that may or may not be part of a particular document converter.

  1. On the top link bar, click Application Management.

  2. In the External Service Connections section, click Document conversions.

  3. On the Configure Document Conversions page, on the Web Application menu in the Web Application section, click Change Web Application if the Web application for which you want to configure a document converter is not selected.

    • On the Select Web Application page, select the Web application for which you want to configure document conversions.

  4. On the Configure Document Conversions page, in the Converter Settings section, click the document converter that you want to configure.

  5. In the Converter Settings section, if you want to make the document converter available to all document libraries on the server, ensure that the corresponding check box is selected; otherwise, clear the check box.

  6. In the Time-out length (seconds) box, type the number of seconds to wait before the converter times out when it cannot connect to the conversion server.

  7. In the Maximum retries box, type the number of times to try to connect to the converter server.

  8. In the Maximum file size (in KB) box, type the maximum size for an incoming file.

  9. Click OK.

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