Compress Journal form: options and information

You can view the transaction detail of information that was compressed using the Compress Data wizard by opening a Compress Journal form.

Open the form

  • On an Account Register form or a report such as Transaction Detail by Account, GL Report, Balance Sheet, or Profit and Loss, click a Compress Journal line item.

Form options

The information in a Compress Journal form is read-only. To edit transactions listed in a Compress Journal form, you must open the archive data file that was created by the Compress Data wizard. The file is in the following location:

Windows Vista    drive:\Users\user\Documents\Small Business Accounting\Companies

Windows XP    drive:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Small Business Accounting\Companies




(Read-only.) Displays the archive file name and the financial period that was compressed.


(Read-only.) Displays the date of transaction.


(Read-only.) Displays the type of transaction, for example, invoice, customer credit memo, or vendor bill.


(Read-only.) Displays the account charged in a transaction.


(Read-only.) Displays the name related to a transaction, for example, a vendor or an inventory item.


(Read-only.) Displays the amount an account was debited in a transaction entry.


(Read-only.) Displays the amount an account was credited in a transaction entry.

Tax Code

(Read-only.) Displays the tax code related to a transaction entry.

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